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Current Pricing (updated July 2014)

Right now we are only selling B99.9 and hope to offer B20 blends by summer 2015.

Please contact us to check on current delivery charges based on distance and volume.

Current Pricing FOB our Chilcoot plant is as follows:

B99.9 On-road $4.70
B99.9 Off-road (non agricultural*) $4.44
B99.9 Off-road (agricultural**) $4.04

*users who intend to use fuel off-road (but do not meet the description of agricultural use described here) are partially exempt from excise tax as per IRS revenue ruling 2002-76. Please see IRS pub 510 for more about uses excluded from taxation. Relevant code sections may be found here. Users are also eligible for refund of California excise tax ('Diesel Fuel Tax' of $0.18 per gallon) on these fuels. We are required to collect CA diesel fuel tax but users may file for a refund of this tax with the state. This requires registration as a 'Diesel User (DU)' using form BOE-400-FTA. Once registration is completed, users can file for return of diesel fuel tax yearly (or quarterly if your refund claim is over $750) using form BOE-770-DU. You must also file a form BOE-32 every three years when filing BOE-770-DU. Note that although all of the 'DU' forms ask questions about business activities, according to BOE it is not necessary to be a business to claim this refund. Prior to sale we require the following form from users:

Exemption certificate for non-taxable use of excluded liquid

**users who intend to use fuel off-road for agricultural use must meet the requirements here. Users must complete the following three forms prior to sale: (links coming soon)

Exemption certificate for non-taxable use of excluded liquid
CA Partial Exemption form for sales tax
CA BOE608 form for diesel fuel tax exemption

See http://www.cfbf.com/issues/economy/tax.cfm for more info.



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