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The mission of Simple Fuels is to encourage awareness and use of sustainable alternative fuels, in order to improve our environment as well as our local and national economy. This will be accomplished initially by providing the market with biodiesel fuel that is cost-competitive with conventional petroleum diesel. This allows the consumer to make a conscious choice to use a cleaner fuel without economic penalty. The overall long-term goal is to foster sustainability on a local basis via whatever means possible, expanding into alternative fuel markets as opportunities arise. We pride ourselves on integrity, as 100% of the company is owned by people who hold sustainability as a core belief. With this in mind, our mission is to serve the community by providing them an economical sustainable fuel, as well as education and support on appropriate technologies. Profitable operation assures the financial security of the company, opening many doors for advanced sustainability research and community contribution. We realize our role as innovators and community leaders, and hope to inspire others by our own actions.


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