FLAC Transcoder

**Update: major upgrades in 0.94b**

You can now select your compression level for both LAME and Ogg Vorbis. Codecs also upgraded to LAME 0.97b and Vorbis aoTuV_b4

for questions or suggestions, contact me at flactranscoder AT tapergeek DOT org

This program allows right-click access for transcoding folders of FLAC files into Apple Lossless, mp3, or Ogg Vorbis while preserving tags. The program installs batch files and registry entries which allow for easy access to the various coding scripts. Right now it is a series of DOS scripts, eventually I will add more options and maybe make up a slick interface. For now, it works, and that's good enough for me! This program is great for Ipod owners who want to transcode FLAC files in circulation to Apple Lossless for their personal use.

The latest version (0.94beta) can be found here. The README file inside that .zip will tell you everything you need to know about installing and uninstalling the program.

Below is a screenshot of what it can do. Basically, by right-clicking a folder of FLAC files. (or a higher folder containing FLAC folders), everything underneath is converted according to the codec you choose.

The output files are automatically named according to Artist and Album tags, and neatly tucked away inside the original folder of FLAC files. Here is a screenshot of a fileset that has had all three conversions performed:


Another major advantage of this program (aside from easy transcoding), is the ability to transfer tags from the original FLAC files to the output files. Below is a screenshot of dBpoweramp reading tags from the corresponding output files. All of the tags were originally applied to the FLAC files, no extra work here!

This program works best when applied to files that have been flacified. Flacify is part of etree scripts. I highly recommend flacify for those who like to have an organized music collection. Takes a little learning, but is well worth it in the time it will save you. Here are some other registry entries that work well with flacify (best opened by right-clicking and selecting 'save as'):

cygwin-here.reg - mounts folder and opens cygwin in that folder by right clicking, avoiding directory navigation

flacify-here.reg (**updated 8/2/05**)- mounts folder and runs flacify *.* in that folder by right clicking

turn_off_read_only.reg - turns off read only recursively for the selected folder

replaygain.reg - uses cygwin to apply replaygain to FLACs in a folder


Special thanks to anticrust who provided the initial scripts on which this program was based. Also etree.org and hydrogenaudio.org in general for being an excellent resource.


Note that I do not condone the trading of mp3s or burning audio cd's from mp3 sourced material. This program is designed to create compressed files from a reference set of FLACs for personal use only. If you're at all serious about collecting live music, FLACs are what you want! (end rant!)